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At Davillier Orthodontics, traditional metal braces are still our most frequently sought-after treatment. And there’s a good reason for that!

In fact, today’s metal braces are stronger, lighter, and more effective than ever.

What Are Metal Braces?

Metal braces, crafted from high-grade stainless steel, use metal brackets and archwires to gently align your teeth. At Davillier Orthodontics, our updated version of traditional metal braces effectively addresses various dental and jaw concerns.

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How Modern Metal Braces Function

Braces apply gentle and steady pressure to gradually move your teeth into the perfect spot. Dr. Davillier will place the brackets on your teeth along with a special adhesive to keep them in place.

The archwire connects the brackets and applies the pressure needed to move the teeth into their new position.

Once your braces are on, our team will need to tighten them periodically to provide sufficient pressure where needed to align your jaw and straighten your teeth.

Advances in dental technology have made traditional metal braces smaller, sleeker, and more comfortable for patients. Dr. Davillier uses teeth braces to correct several problems.

How Do Braces Help?

Metal braces can correct a variety of orthodontic issues, such as:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowding
  • Bite misalignment
  • Orthodontic problems that interfere with eating or speaking

How long you’ll need to wear braces will come down to the complexity of your case and your dedication to your treatment plan and following Dr. Davillier’s instructions.

Spice Up Your Braces

Our practice is all about having a good time! Just because the braces are traditional doesn’t mean you have to be.

Feel free to add colored elastics to your brackets for a more vibrant smile. You can choose your favorite color, use colors for your school or favorite sports team, or celebrate the holidays with your bands.

There are all sorts of colors available and bands are changed regularly, so you can try something different with your regular braces every time.

Discover the Power of Lingual Braces

Lingual braces offer a discreet, effective way to perfectly align your smile. Not only that, but they’re completely hidden from view.

Custom-fitted to the back side of your teeth, lingual braces provide all the benefits of traditional braces without anyone knowing you're wearing them. This innovative option at Davillier Orthodontics helps you to confidently smile throughout your treatment journey.

Dr. Davillier's expertise in advanced orthodontic solutions ensures precise and comfortable adjustments, making lingual braces a popular choice for adults and teens alike seeking a less visible orthodontic treatment.

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Efficiency Meets Comfort

Self-ligating braces, available at Davillier Orthodontics in Suffolk, redefine orthodontic treatment by combining efficiency with patient comfort.

These innovative braces use a specialized clip in place of elastics to hold the wire, which allows for less friction and easier movement of the teeth.

The result is a faster, more comfortable treatment process that often requires fewer appointments.

Self-ligating technology means your treatment plan is even more to your unique needs, making the journey to a perfect smile smoother and more enjoyable.

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